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Dudley Redeemed

Tales of Dudley Dursley's Redemption

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Name:Dudley Redeemed
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Welcome to dudley_redeemed. This is a place to celebrate a redeemed Dudley Dursley. In the Harry Potter books, Dudley was making strides toward reconciliation with Harry, toward understanding his cousin and the magical world, so let's further that, and help move him along. Redemption doesn't have to be in the eyes of the wizarding world, liberal morality or even the fanwork creator. To fit in this comm, Dudley just has to find redemption in the opinion of somebody.

This comm is a mirror of our communities on live journal and insane journal. After our live journal community got spammed with non-Dudley porn, the mods decided to moderate membership there and we will be doing the same here. This is just a formality; we'll take all comers who have an active account or an account older than two months. If you have an "empty" account younger than two months but you would like to join, email us. We just want to know that every member is a real person rather than a bot, and that every member is here because they want to see Big D redeem himself over and over.

If we experience someone tricking us into allowing them to post spam, we will ban them, sort them into Slytherin, and sic Dudley's gang on them.

We will continue to allow unmoderated posting by all members.

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